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Mattia Pasini Fans ;
A community for the fans of Mattia Pasini..
12th-Apr-2008 09:11 pm(no subject)
[SPORT] F1 » JB; lovelyeyes
Time to get these babies updated regularly again.

250's quali times - EstorilCollapse )
19th-Sep-2007 03:24 am - Mattia's to race in 250's in 2008!
[bones] vnm- i'm lovely
Finally, an article that isn't in Italian!
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16th-Sep-2007 03:58 pm(no subject)
[SPORT] F1 » JB; lovelyeyes

125: Results from Estoril.

Sunday, 16th September 2007

Full recap under the cut.Collapse )
13th-Aug-2007 07:23 pm - Happy Birthday Mattia!!!
[bones] vnm- i'm lovely
Our fave 125 rider hits the big 22 today!!!
Happy Birthday Mattia!!!
15th-Jul-2007 12:00 am - Mattia Icons
[bones] vnm- i'm lovely
01-10 F1-
11-62 Moto GP- (Various riders from all 3 classes, including Mattia Pasini, some animated)
63-65 Pete Wentz
66-71 WWE Divas
72-82 Cupcakes

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